Miami Hotel

Feggala Rothstein from Chicago decided to go on vacation to Miami in the 1920s.

Upon trying to checking into a nice hotel, the concierge told her, Sorry, theres no vacancy.

Just then, a man checked out. Feggala then exclaimed, Good, now you have a room.

Sorry, the man behind the counter replied, this hotel is restricted.

And what does that mean? she asked him.

Jews arent allowed here!

Well what makes you think Im Jewish? she shot back.

I know you are!

Well, Im not! Im a Catholic! she insisted.

So tell me, the man replied, Did G-d have a son?


What was his name?


And where was he born?

In Bethlehem, in a stable.

And WHY was he born there?

Because a schmuck like you wouldnt rent his parents a room!

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