Mickey Ds #2

More shit you hate about working at Mickey Ds:

People who pay for their food, and then decide they want no onions.

People who cant see condiments right in front of them, and ask you for them.

People who stare at you while you make their sandwich, as if your going to spit in it.

People who want FRESH fries, theyre only fresh for about ten seconds.

People who ask for a water at the second window while your wrapped around the building.

People who get a water, and then get a friggin drink right in front of you. Come on retards, were watching you.

People who think they can pay for their order with a fuckin check.

People who cant accept the fact that we dont like you.

People who leave theyre god damn trays on their god damn table. I AM NOT YOUR MAMA, SO PICK UP YOUR OWN SHIT!

People who cant take the liner out of their trays. Come on people, give us some help.

People who wish to speak to the manager, and get mad when we ask which one they would like to talk to.

People who think we have a 99 cent menu, it a god damn dollar menu bithces!

People who ask for something that we havent had in months.

People who ask for a sandwich with no meat, its kind of a waste of our time.

People who dont understand the concept of late night menu.

People who ask for breakfast shit in the middle of the day.

People who actually stand outside our doors when beat on the door, hoping to come in a use the bathroom. Youre not getting it!!!

People who order shit from other stores. We dont have Whoppers or Tacos.

People who prank phone call us in the middle of a business rush.

People who dont have enough money, and pull off without their shit.

People who cant wait in line long enough to get their shit, and pull off.

People who actually wait at the entrance, because its so packed, for more than ten minutes, just for some of our food.

More to come

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