Missy in heat

Angela went up to her mom and ask if she could take missy for a

walk. Her mom said no, that missy was in heat.

What is heat? Mom said go ask your Dad, he is outside working on


Angela goes outside and ask her Dad if she can take missy for a

walk, her Mom had said no, that missy was in heat. What is heat


Go get the leash and bring her here. She goes and get missy and

brings her back on a leash. Her Dad takes a grease rag and soaks it

in Gasoline and swips her bottom with it.

Now you can take her around the block one time. Angela goes down the

street and comes back shorty with the leash and no missy. Dad says

where is missy?

Angela said missy ran out of gas and another dog pushed her down

the street.

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