Mother-in-law genie

A man was walking down a beach and saw a bottle floating in the surf. He thought to himself, Oh, message in a bottle. He took out the cork and out popped a genie.

The genie said, Thank you for releasing me. Now you may have 3 wishes – however, Im a special genie. I love my mother-in-law, so anything you wish for, your mother-in-law will receive double.

The man first asked for a million dollar house on the beach. Poof! A gorgeous house appeared. Just then – POOF! – a house twice as big appeared next door and his mother-in-law was waving at him from the window.

He hurried inside to avoid her. As he was admiring his new house, he turned to the genie and said, For my second wish, put $10 million on that table.

Poof! There was so much money, it was falling off the table. Then POOF!! Next door, the money was flying out the windows – his mother-in-law got $20 million.

He was getting frustrated by this time and turned to the genie, OK, let me get this straight. Whatever I wish for, my mother-in-law gets double.

The genie said, Yes, Im the mother-in-law genie, and thats the way it works.

After scratching his head and thinking a bit, he suddenly turns to the genie and says, OK, for my third wish, beat me half to death!

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