Musical Grave

A man was taking a walk, and desided to go through the old graveyard as a shortcut. Now, it just so happens Betoveens grave happened to be in that cemetary, and the man walked past it. He heard the 1st symphany playing backwards, and took notice to the name on the gravestone, but kept walking, though a little puzzled.The next day, he called some friends, and they went back to look at the grave. This time, it was playing the 2ND symphany, still playing backwards! They thought it strange, but went home confused.The next day, the mans friends called their friends, and they all came once again to the grave. This time the 3RD symphany was blaring on, backwards yet again! Crazy! The man thought, and invited the whole village to join him the next day.So the next day, the whole town came, and heres the grave, music going on and on, but this time its the 4TH symphany, you guessed it… BACKWARDS! They all agreed to come back the next day, and dig up what ever, or whoever was making that sound.The next day though, when the citizens were unloading their shovels, the man stopped to ask the old jainitor what was going on. The old man said Dont you know? Hes decomposing!

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