Near-Death Experience

Heard on FM-99 WNOR in Hampton, VA on 5/21/91:

(DJ Henry The Bull Del Toro was imitating an old man talking about his
younger years…)

I had a near death experience. I was driving home one night with my
fourth wife and two couples we were friendly with. All of a sudden,
the car flips over and were all standin at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter
looks at one of the couples I was with and says to the man, Youre so
cheap, you married a woman named Penny. Go to Hell! St. Peter then
looks at the next couple we were with and says to the man, Why, youre
such a boozer, you married a woman named Brandy. Go to Hell! So I
says to my wife, Come on, Fanny, were out of here!

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