Once there was an man living between people wich made lots of noises at night and day.

The one who left was a music teacher,she learns the children day and just before night.The violens make sqeaky sounds, and piano is false.

On the right side lives a mechanic wich makes loud noises day and night.Cling,clang you no what I mean.

On that day the man decided that this must stop at once.He shouts,I cant take it anymore!.The next day he goes over to the musical teacher and gives her a hand full of money and told her she must buy her a new house.The same day he goes over to the mechanic and gives him all the money he has left,and asked him just to leave the next day.And they both agreed.

The next day the man helped the music teacher with the piano down the stairs and asked her where she is moving to.

Then she said,———————

I heard the man next door was also looking for a place,now hes gonna move in my house and I in his.

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