New domain names

New domain names being proposed:

10..trekcontains audio files of William Shatner
9..billMicrosoft has bought this company
8..lovefor people who would rather cuddle
7..slowbased in a distant country with no T3 lines
6..geekassumes you know what all the acronyms mean
5..404we stopped maintaining our servers in 1996
4..y2kcontains theories about the end of the world
3..burnhuge multimedia files will crash your computer
2..*contains allegations about President Clintons sex life
1..duhexplains, in detail, stuff you already know

And here are even more new domain names being proposed:

.spamSites which offer to sell you everything you dont want
.buzExcessive use of Java Scripts
.aniHeavy use of animated GIFs
.hotThe most current, up-to-date sites
.oldSites which are updated about once a year
.carData on the automotive industry
.dogSites for dog lovers; or really ugly people
.catFeline fanatics (not to be confused with .pussy)
.birdAbout birds; as pets or as prey
.tripImages of family vacations – mental health warning
.helHealth care (.hell is copyrighted by Devil.com)
.peepDedicated to peeping-toms
.poohInformation for kids about Winnie The Pooh
.poop(left to your imagination)
.prezPresidential affairs (Paula, Monica, etc.)
.starPeople jealous of Presidential affairs
.sexSites which claim to have teenage girls waiting to do whatever you want, but are run by old guys. Also used for overflow from .prez
.dulFree sites which recycle the same low-rez images containing their URL
.lnxURLs which bounce you from one site to another, until you forgot what you wanted in the first place
.cntCounter sites, whos only purpose is to give someone credit for sending you someplace you didnt want to go
.chekURLs which use adult verification you have to pay for only to discover it isnt worth it
.jugsVariety of pottery; not female anatomy
.potCooking sites; not associated with the weed
.fanContains information about movie/music celebrities
.redUsed by soviet-block countries
.petConcerning household animals; but no Playmate Pets
.maxSites which dont accept your dads credit card because youve already maxed it out
.momInformation useful to mothers about child rearing
.dadHandy information about avoiding children
.kidTips on how to keep parents from finding out what youre doing on the Internet
.wedTips on planning a wedding; or avoiding one
.fitContains images of healthy people you didnt want to see
.fatAdult sites with images you REALLY didnt want to see
.assInformation shared by proctologists
.$$$Adult pay sites
.!!!REALLY good free adult image sites

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