New phobias

Hey, this is a nude beach. I aint getting in that cold water! — Shrinkaphobia

Get that *^%#*# vodka bottle away from me!! — Carmenelectraphobia

Hes coming straight for us – with his left turn signal on! — Oldfartophobia

You have to push Start to turn the damn computer off?! — Windophobia

I wont go to your frat house to eat gyros and watch a tape of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on your old Sony VCR! — ThetaFetaMetaBetaphobia

No!! Dont call the plumber!!! — Buttcrackaphobia

No, I dont want to watch Friends. That blonde chick freaks me out. — Phoebephobia

Um, Doctor, why are you putting on that rubber glove? — Probeophobia

Youre busy Saturday? Well, how about next weekend then? — Rentanotherpornophobia

Its NOT my imagination! Senator Helms is looking at me that way again! — Homophobophobia

Honey, I bought a Corvette! — Smallpenisphobia

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