Note: this is a really

Note: this is a really long joke, so all of you with the tiny attention spans might as well skip thisThere once were two sisters, a blond and a redhead.
Their great uncle died, and they inherited the farm. To add to the misfortune of the loss of their uncle, the farm was in bad shape, and the girls were broke. All they had with the farm was a cow and $700 dollars.
In order to get more cows, the girls decided to get a bull with the money. The plan was for the redhead to catch a ride with the blonde and get dropped off while the blonde went off to work at the farm. Then, the redhead would telegraph her and get her to drive over and pick up the bull since it was so heavy and, being new, untamed.
When the redhead arrived, she found a great bull on sale for $699, so she got it, leaving her with only a dollar left.
When she went over to the telegrapher and asked to sent a one-word telegraph (each word was a dollar, you see.), the man asked her what word to send.
After long consideration, she decided to send the word comfortable.
When asked why, she responded,shes a blond, shell read it slowly.

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