Old golfers

Old man Woodruff loved golf, but his age was making it increasingly difficult for him to play. He complained to the clubhouse man about his eyesight.

I cant play with my glasses on because they keep falling off, he said. And Im too darn nearsighted to play without them.

Why dont you play with Hughes? the clubhouse man suggested.

Him? Woodruff scoffed. Hes ninety-eight if hes a day, and he cant get around without a wheelchair!

True, said the clubhouse man, but hes farsighted.

So the next day, Woodruff and Hughes played together. Woodruff took a tremendous swing and hit the ball well. Boy, that felt good! he exclaimed. Did you see it? he asked Hughes.

Yes, the very old man replied.

Where did it go?

I cant remember, Hughes sighed.

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