Old Log Inn

Several Thanksgivings back, we were sitting in a hot tub enjoying the afterglow of a win by ATM over UT. This was the last joke I heard before the women were run out so that the men could tell real jokes. It has been eight years and this joke comes up at every subsequent gathering, and can hardly be told because the teller is laughing so hard.

Two guys were out for a weekend of hunting in the woods, and as night drew near they started back for the Old Log Inn where they were staying. They came to a fork in the road and didnt know which way to go.

So they decided to split up and each go looking to save time. Joe went down the road to the left and after walking a good ways he decided that the Old Log Inn wasnt this way so he turned back and went looking for Bob.

He was expecting to see Bob walking down the road, but instead found him in the ditch beaten up! It took a few minutes, but Bob was finally able to tell Joe what happened …

Bob had started down the other road, and had passed a parked car with a couple in it, he had continued on, but not finding the Old Log Inn, he decided to go back and ask the people in the car.

He stopped when he got there, knocked on the window and when the guy rolled it down, Bob asked Hey buddy, how far is the Old Log Inn???

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