Only Here For ?

Jerry is hired to play his trumpet on the score of a movie, and hes excited. Hes especially thrilled because he gets to play two long solos.

After the sessions, which go great, Jerry cant wait to see the finished product. He asks the producer where and when he can catch the film. A little embarrassed, the producer explains that the music is for a porno flick that will be out in a month, and he tells Jerry where he can go to see it.

A month later, Jerry, with his collar up and wearing glasses, goes to the theatre where the picture is playing. He walks in and sits way in the back, next to an elderly couple who also seem to be disguised and hiding.

The movie starts, and its the filthiest, most perverse porno flick ever…group sex, S&M, everything…and then, halfway through, a dog gets in on the action. Before anyone can blink an eye, the dog has had sex with all the women in every orifice, and most of the men.

Embarrassed, Jerry turns to the old couple and whispers, Im only here for the music.

The woman turns to Jerry and whispers back, Were only here to see our dog.

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