Q: How many Christian Scientists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None, but it takes at least one to sit and pray for the old one to go back on.


The Truth

At school, a boy is told by a classmate that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret, and that this makes it very easy to blackmail them by saying, “I know the whole truth” — even when you dont know anything. The boy decides to go home and try it out. As he is greeted by his mother at the front door he says, “I know the whole truth.” His mother quickly hands him $20 and says, “Just dont tell your father.” Quite pleased, the boy waits for his father to get home from work, and greets him with, “I know the whole truth.” The father promptly hands him $40 and says, “Please dont say a word to your mother.” Very pleased, the boy is on his way to school the next day, when he sees the mailman at his front door. The boy greets him by saying, “I know the whole truth.” The mailman drops the mail, opens his arms and says, “Then come give your FATHER a big hug.”


After a Tonsilectomy?

After her operation, the famous lady soap opera star was propped up in bed in her private room, as the doctor did his rounds. Tell me, how are you feeling now? he asked.

A lot better, thank you, purred the star in reply. But one thing does bother me. When will I be able to resume a normal sex life?

Oh, thats rather hard to say, said the doctor. Ive never been asked that after a tonsilectomy before.


Humor about being born on the wrong side of the world

This wonderful example of international humor was posted on the listserv list INDIA-D:

By the way, for we people (from India) who were born and brought up in the wrong side of the world, doing things in the wrong way has become a way of life.

For example,

In India we drive on the wrong side of the road. Even the cars we produce or drive have steering wheels on the wrong side.
We pronounce Z as Jed instead of Zee.
We meekly accepted MKS (Meter,Kilogram,Second) system like the rest of the world while America proudly stuck to the FPS system.
We use Lakhs & Crores while they use millions & billions.
We dumbly use Celsius while they use Fahrenheit (Cool!).
We play football only using foot. (How restricting! We lack imagination…)
In restaurants we ask for a bill and pay it with a cheque unlike here where they ask for check and pay it with a bill (Dollar bill).
I never realised # was the right symbol for pound instead of a L with a slash until I came here. (How stupid of me…)
While they zoomed past with their cars filled with gallons of GAS, we keep wondering how do you measure gas in gallons.
We think we have sense of humour while we cant even spell it right.

Even after coming to the right side of the world if I cant correct myself, what am I doing here? I should go back to the wrong side of the world where I belong.

On the other hand why dont the wrong side of the world (Obviously the rest of the world) change their ways and follow the noble example of USA.

Beats me…


Redneck On Vacation

You might be a redneck if you have ever vacationed in a highway rest area.


Rush Limbaugh as TV Wrestler.

I personally have never taken seriously a college dropout who wandered
america in search of a job until he became the prophet of the angry right.
But anyway, I was thinking. ( a dangerous activity)

What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh and a TV Wrestler?


TV Wrestler Rush

Male As far as we know.

White (usually) As far as we know.

Fat Definitely

Wears tight suits Yep.

Roars to adoring crowds. UnHuh.

Sponsored by obscure Sponsored by chain of
companies. Tall and Fat Stores.

Always on TV. yep.

Usually on Obscure yep.

Appeals to bizarre Probably.
audience segment.

Doesnt seem to accom-
plish much but make money. yep.

Engages in low brow stunts. Yep.

Entertains more then informs. yep.

Well, I guess if he wants to the WWF always has room for him.
Maybe he could become a conservative TV Wrestler. Loud Man.
he would wear a black and white suit and shout at all the bad


Refrigerator Difference

Q: What is the difference between a blonde and a refrigerator?

A: A refrigerator doesnt fart when you pull your meat out of it.



A young boy asks his Priest if God is a man or a woman.

The Priest decides to tease the boy and answers that God is both.

The boy then asks if God is black or white. Again the answer is both.

Next question, is God gay or straight. Once more the answer is both.

The boy then asks Father, is Michael Jackson God??


Steelers quarterback joke

A guy took his girlfriend to her first Steelers game. Afterward he asked her how she liked the game.

I liked it, but I couldnt understand why they were killing each other for 25 cents, she said.

What do you mean? he asked.

Well, everyone kept yelling Get the quarter back!


Mexican maid in the family way

One day the Mexican maid announced to her bosss wife that she was quitting. When asked why, she replied, I am in the family way.

The wife was both surprised and shocked, and asked who it was.

The maid replied, Your husband and your son.

This time, the wife was horrified and demanded an explanation.

Well, the maid explained, I go to the library to clean it and you husband say, You are in the way. I go to the living room to clean and you son say You are in my way. So Im in the family way and I quit.

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