Parrot the Sex Maniac

A farmer buys a mated pair of parrots. Every time he looks in the cage the male parrot is banging the female. The next day the female dies. The farmer gets incensed and throws the male out of the house.

The next day the farmer sees dead hens lying all about the feed lot. The parrot is staggering around, worn out, but looking for another hen. The farmer goes for the shotgun, but when he comes back, the parrots gone.

During the next week, the farmer finds dead bird carcasses all around the farm, but cant find the parrot.

One afternoon, he spots the parrot lying on its back, its feet in the air, feathers all torn and scrufty. The farmer walks up to it and says, Finally screwed yourself to death, did you?

With one wing, the parrot points to buzzards circling in the sky, winks lecherously, and says, Shhh.

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