Perfect Solution

A woman walked out of a coffee shop just in time to see a very strange sight.

Moving slowly down the street was a funeral procession which consisted of a hearse followed by another hearse, followed by a woman walking a dog,followed by 200 women in a long line.

The procession was moving slowly and her curiosity got the best of her.So she walked up to the woman with the dog.

I hope you dont mind me asking, who is in the first hearse?

Thats my husband. He was attacked by our dog and killed.

Well, who is in the second hearse?

Thats my mother in law. She tried to save him and was killed by the dog too.

Is this the dog, she asked?

Yes said the widow.

The first woman thought about it for a minute and then asked. Can I borrow your dog?

Sure, said the widow,get in the line.

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