POLICE BLOTTER – Recent Police Activity

Auburn Police

23400 block, 102nd Place Southeast — A woman reported that someone stole mail from her condo and, when she was gone, entered the place to tie her shoelaces together, tilt pictures on the walls and take snaps from her clothing. There had been no forced entries. No arrests were made. (May 30)

Renton Police

3000 block, Southeast Royal Hills Drive — A 5-year-old boy threatened a 6-year-old boy with a steak knife, saying he would kill the other boy unless he agreed to come out and play. Officers arrived and took the knife, and no charges were filed due to the ages of the boys. (May 26)

Maple Valley Precinct

67200 Maple Valley-Black Diamond Highway — A Maple Valley man told police somebody broke into his house, carried a few items outside onto the lawn and set them on fire. (June 1)

Green River Community College — Campus security detained two young men prowling cars in the parking lot. One youth, estimated to be about 16, fled, but an 18-year-old was nabbed. He was caught breaking into a womans car in an attempt to steal a stereo worth about $1,500. He told police he was going to sell the stereo to buy a pair of tennis shoes. (June 1)

From The Seattle Times, Monday, June 5, 1995

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