Poor Guy

A guy is on an airplane and he was in first class. He needed to use the restroom. In first class they have a men and a womans bathroom but the mens bathroom was occupied so he asked the flight attendent to use the womans bathroom so she let him but she said whatever you do dont press any buttons but he just ignored her and when he went in he saw three buttons a WC button a WD button and an ATR button.First he pressed the WC button and it blew air up his butt. Then he pressed the WC button and it blew water up his butt.After that he pressed the ATR button and found himself in the hospital and when he woke up the nurse was in the room and he asked her why he was in the hospital and she didnt know so she asked him to remember what he did last and he said I remember pressing an ATR button and she said oh well thats an automatic tampon remover


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