Pope in heaven

The Pope dies and goes to heaven. St. Peter greets him and says, Glad
to see you; weve got your place all ready. Peter then takes the
Pope down the street and shows him his new home: a small but
comfortable cottage of 5 rooms. Peter advises the Pope to settle in,
and then wander around meeting the other residents.

The Pope meets many old friends and makes several new ones over the
next few days. One of these is a former lawyer who invites the Pope
over for lunch. On arriving, the Pope is astounded to see a 45 room
mansion, with built-in sauna and weight-room, a beautiful library, and
spacious, airy rooms.

After lunch, the Pope spies St. Peter on the street and says, Not to
complain, but Im curious as to why I have a small cottage while the
lawyer I just met has a stupendous mansion.

St. Peter replied, Well, you see, we have many Popes up here, but
only one lawyer.

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