Products we could do without!

Fingernail Clippers:

Thats why we have teeth.

Makeup That is Tattooed on:

You might love that green eyeliner now, but what about when youre fifty?

Colored Elastics For Braces:

As if the braces didnt make your mouth stand out enough.

Inflatable Furniture:

Nothing boosts the ego more than sitting on a couch and popping it.

Crayons That Smell:

Oh, good, lets give kids another reason to eat them.

Fake Eyelashes:

You shouldnt be able to braid your eyelashes.

The Epilady:

Pulling hair out by the roots is masochistic.

Those Crocheted Kleenex Box Covers:

Kleenex does not get chilly.

Rubber Clothing:

Because you shouldnt bounce if you fall down the stairs.

Doggie Sweaters:

Fido is not Mr. Rogers, nor does he want to be Mr. Rogers.

Thong underwear:

Nothing leads to insanity faster than a perpetual wedgie.

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