Put a Mac in front

Put a Mac in front of everything you say. Example: Excuse me, Mac-sir but could I get some Mac-salt with my
Mac-fries.(MacCOUGH MacCOUGH) And could you give me Mac-directions to the Mac-grocerie Mac-store? Mac-Thanks.When going thru the drive thru, change your order every time they repeat it.Order a burger with no bun but extra ketchup.Bring in a dead mouse, put it in your drink and sue.Ask your server to stop intentionly insulting your race.Order a Whopper.Park just the right amount of space away from the drive thru window so that they cant reach you.When ordering at the drive thru, turn up the radio and open the door so that it goes..DING..DING..DING.Speak in an exaggerated staticy voice like the one your hearing thru the drive thru speaker and then when you pull up speak like that again.Step in dog crud before you come in.Tell them that you are the state inspector and try to get into the kitchen.

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