Quizical Warning Labels

Here are some actual quotes from labels on packing of common household products.

I was rather amused at the information written on the bag [of JONNY CAT, cat litter].

The best has to be: JONNY CAT is the best value for your money. A 20 lb. bag of JONNY CAT contains 25% more litter than 16 lb. bags, and 43% more than 14 lb. bags!

Other importanant info:

100% natural clay mined from a rare deposit makes Jonny Cat especially absorbent.

AND THEN they have a section for Other Uses of Jonny Cat:

GARAGE SPILLS – sweeps up oil and grease and reduces stains

TRASH CANS – a layer on the bottom reduces odors and discourages flies

REFRIGERATORS – an inexpensive nontoxic odor absorbent

GARDENS – enhances water retention and soil aeration, promotes growth

All this from a cat litter! Who could ask for more!

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