Race Horses

Just after the biggest horse race of the year, the horses that came 2nd and 3rd meet up and discuss the replay of the race. The horse that came second, a grey horse, tells the other brown horse that he doesnt undersatnd why he lost. I was winning for most of the race, I got well ahead of everyone else and onto the last straight, when all of a sudden that black horse comes out of nowhere and blows me out of the water! I just dont understand. Just then, a dog wanders up to the horses and says Sorry, I couldnt help but overhear your conversation. I noticed that you had that large lead at the start of the race and knew straight away you were going to lose, you need to pace yourself, and because the black horse conserved his energy, but stayed just close enough to you throughout, he was able to beat you on the straight with great ease. The dog walks off and the two horses look at each other all confused. There is a short pause and the brown horse says Bugger me, a talking dog

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