Radio one-liners

You may want to compile a list of Radio one-liners like:

WKDU: More static, more of the time …

Youre listening to WKDU. No one else is, but you are.

This is KFJC and you are listening to our hour-long music-free commercial sweep.

WQHS. 73 on your AM dial. Or, if you have an expensive radio, 730.

Are your friends laughing at you? Maybe its because you are not listening to WQHS, 730 on your AM dial, on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Or maybe its because youre ugly.

This has been xxx at KFJC reminding you that animals are your friends, but they wont pick you up at the airport.

WKDU: Broadcasting with TEN MILLION microwatts of POWER!

Hi. This is Swamp Thing and we say that you should listen to WQHS because … because … well, do you REALLY have anything better to do?

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