By P. Van Neikerk, in the Globe & Mail Thursday Feb 25th
Johannesburg S.A.

A total of 918 people applied last year to be reclassified from one
racial group to another under South Africas race classification laws…

…Mr. [Stoffel] Botha said one white had become Cape coloured 69 Cape
coloureds had become white, five Malays had become white, three Indians had
become Cape coloureds, two Cape coloureds had become Indian, and one Malay
had become Indian.

In addition, 133 blacks had become Cape coloureds, one black had become
a Griqua and one Cape coloured had become a Malay.

Among the unsuccessful applicants were four Cape coloureds who wanted to
become Chinese, nine Indians who wanted to become Malays and three blacks
who wanted to be other Asians.

Its funny…I just wish it were a joke.

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