Redneck Jokes joke #11009

ahz: the things you see with

aig: which come first, the chicken or the aig?

arn: an electrical instrument used to remove wrinkles from clothing.

bawl: what water does at 212 degrees.

bidness: commercial enterprise

bobbycue: a delectable southern sandwich of chopped pork, cole slaw an a fiery sauce.

co-cola: any form/brand of soft drink.

clinics: a tissue

crine: weeping

dawfins: name of the pro football team in Miami.

daints: a more or less formal event in which members of the opposite sex hold each other and move rhythmically to the sound of music.

dayum: an expletive; in other states, a four-letter word.

doc: a condition caused by an absence of light.

ever: each, as in Shes bin crine ever day since JJ run off.

far: combustion

git: to acquire

goff: a game played with clubs and a little white ball.

hep: a cry for assistance, as in HEP! Theres a far!

hoss: a large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous animal.

lectricity: energy for arns, tvs, an other thangs.

liberry: a building where thousands of literary works are kept.

nekkid: to be unclothed.

ole well: a source of petroleum.

own: opposite of awf (see lectricity).

paypuh: what you write on.

shevuhlay: a General Motors car.

spearmint: something scientists do.

stow: establishment where things are sold.

tar: a round inflatable object which sometimes goes flat.

uhmurkin: someone who lives in the united state of uhmurka.

zackly: precisely

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