Religion and sex

A Catholic priest, a Rabbi, and a Methodist minister were discussing sin, and the Methodist asked, Tell me, guys, have you ever sinned and broken the laws of your religion?

I must admit, responded the Rabbi, I was always very very curious about how pork tastes, so once, just once, I stopped at a bar-be-que restaurant when I was on a vacation and ate a pork sandwich. In fact, it was so delicious, I ate four of them, knowing Id never have the nerve to sin again like that.

The Catholic joined in, Well, I had the same curiosity about sex, and that being forbidden, I didnt know which sex would appeal to me more, so I once, while in seminary, had a sixteen-year-old girl and her brother at the same time. I was so overcome with feelings of guilt that Ive never done anything like that again. Well, what about you, Pastor Bob?

The Methodist said, My besetting sin is GOSSIP, and I just cant wait to tell everybody in town what you guys have said!

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