Request for a raise :)

The male sexual organ requests a promotion and a raise for the following reasons:

– has to work hard;

– has to work at great depths;

– has to work upside down;

– has no ventilation or air conditioned environment at work;

– has to work in a high humidity environment;

– has to work at high temperatures;

– does not get weekends and holidays off;

– does not get time off after extra hours of work;

– has a hazardous work environment that often causes professional sickness.

Request DENIED for the following reasons:

– does not work 8 hours in a row;

– does not answer immediately to all requests;

– does not have a degree;

– after a short activity period, falls asleep at work;

– shows no fidelity to the workplace;

– retires too early;

– does not work at all unless pushed from behind;

– does not leave the workplace clean after finishing work.

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