After his first day working at a department store. The manager walks up to his new sales men and asked him how many sales he had his first day.

The young man proudly answered “One.” The manager replied “only one, well how much was it for”? The young man responded with $39562. Curious the manager asked what he had sold.

He was buying some fishing hooks and I told him that he would probably need some stronger line to go with those hooks. He agreed but before he left I suggested he bought a new rod to go with his new line and hooks. And to my surprise he bought it as well. So I thought I would try to sell him a boat so that he could go out and catch some big fish. After deciding on the boat he realized that his car wouldn’t be able to tow the boat so I showed him the new truck we had and he bought that as well. By the time he had walked out his total was $39562.

The manager said “You are one hell of a sales men a guy comes into buy fishing hooks and you sell him fishing line, a rod, a new boat, and even a truck”.

“No” the clerk said “He came in to buy tampons for his girlfriend and I said your weekend is pretty much spoilt you should go fishing!”

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