San Francisco Earthquake (gruesome…)

This sounds like an urban myth, but I trust the teller.

A friend from Berkeley just started working for the University. His supervisor
had the following tale to tell:

The supervisor and his brother were going off to the 3rd game of the World
Series on Oct. 17. The brother was taking his new car, a pure white Mercedes
with gold trim. Hed bought it three days before.

They get to the game, park, and go to the stands. The earthquake hits.
Everyone cheers. Everyone goes out to their cars. However, our two heroes
cant find their car–its been stolen. Somehow they get home, tell the
insurance company, and go on with their lives.

A couple weeks ago, the insurance company phoned back saying that theyd found
the car. In fact, theyd found the thief as well–he was in the car when
they found it… in the Cypress Structure, crushed to six inches high…

The brother was horrified, but Andys supervisor was really happy.
Yes, there is justice in this world!

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