Santa Goes On Atkins Diet

Cookies and milk
out; eggs, beef, chicken, cheese in
North Pole Santa Claus announced today in his annual pre-holiday press
conference that he has begun the popular Atkins diet, and is asking for
help from families around the globe. Atkins dieters are allowed to consume
large amounts of high-fat foods such as eggs, beef, and cheese. Carbohydrates,
which are found in pasta, breads, and fruits, and sweets, are not allowed.
Mr. Claus said that he decided to start the diet after he could not fit
into the trousers he wore to deliver gifts last year.
"I couldnt bring myself to buy new trousers, and I havent had
a good body image lately. I had to do something, and quick", said
Claus. "Having a belly like a bowl full of jelly is one thing, but
being a complete fat ass is another. I mean, even my jolly little toe
has fat on it." According to inside sources, Mrs. Claus may have
also played a part in his decision to lose weight.
An elf, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Mrs. Claus "is
getting more and more involved" with day-to-day operations, especially
as Christmas nears. "She pretty much runs the toy factory, and she
is making all the elves work a lot of overtime. Plus, she made us all
sign waivers saying we wouldnt sue if we got injured on the job. Now,
Santa suddenly goes on the Atkins diet? I guarantee that is her doing.
Shes a real pain in the ass. Weve all started calling her Yoko".
Santa says that his goal is to lose twenty pounds before he delivers
gifts on Christmas Eve, leaving him plump, but not grossly obese. And,
says Claus, he needs everyones help to stick to his diet.
"I am asking the families of the world to leave snacks for me that
are low in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, this means that the traditional
snack of cookies and milk is not acceptable. Good alternatives are scrambled
eggs, cheese, beef, or chicken."
Experts agree that a thinner Claus may be a healthier Claus, but think
that the new snack requests may spoil some of the fun and tradition of
"I think its great that Santa wants to lose a few pounds",
says holiday expert Michelle Bosler. "But a great Christmas traditions
is being altered. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus dates back
hundreds of years. I dont think families will enjoy scrambling eggs or
broiling a T-bone for Santa quite as much. And these low carbohydrate
snacks are much more expensive than a couple of store bought cookies."
Despite the criticism, Claus vows to stick to his Atkins diet. "Im
going to do this. Ive tried other diets, and I just cant stick to them.
I mean, have you ever had a SlimFast shake? Tastes like liquefied wood."
North Pole spokesperson Sandy Ashton said that if families are uncomfortable
leaving eggs or meat as a snack, they could opt to leave no snack at all.
"Wed rather Santa not have a snack than eat foods that are high
in carbohydrates. For families who dont wish to leave a low-carb snack,
we ask that they leave a note of encouragement for Santa, or some bourbon,
which is a low-carbohydrate beverage. Dieting is difficult, and he needs
support if he is going to succeed."

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