Sardars Sacrifice

Once a cruise ship carrying people from all the nations was going on a
round the world tour when it got grounded. The ship became slow and
finally came to a grinding halt.

The Captain of the ship called an emergency meeting and told the
passengers,Friends,we are in trouble. The Gods are angry with us. We
need to give a sacrifice and I need three people to sacrifice their
lives so that the rest of us can be saved.

All of them moved towards the front deck whereas Japanese came forward
and shouted Long live Japan and jumped into the sea.

Then an Israeli Jew stepped forward and said Hallelujah and dived into
the sea.

After that no one came forward for few seconds while people stared at
each other and suddenly out of nowhere a Sardarji came forward near the
railing and chanted,

Jo bole-so-nihal, sat sri akaal,

waheGuruji da khalsa, wahe guruji di fateh,

Jai maa Kali, Jai maa Durga,

JaiHanuman, Jai Sri Ram,

Jai siva-sankar,

Jai baba nanak di,

Jai jawan jai kissan

and finally yelled to the top of his voice,
Bharat mata ki jai,

and kicked the Pakistani standing next to him in the sea!

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