Scottish guy walks into a bar in Cuba

A scottish guy with the kilt and whole deal walks into a bar in Cuba. He walks up to the bartender and being Scottish he wants to see if he can get a drink for free.

He asks the bartender, Can ya pour me a wee bit o Scotch?.

You got money?, asks the bartender.

Nay, I havna any cash but Ah was hoopin you could spot me wee drrrink..

We dont do free drinks!, responds the bartender and promptly ignores him. While thinking about how to swindle a drink a guy comes in with a big bushy beard and a cigar in his mouth.

He walks up to the bar and mutters (in Cuban accent), Castros Men and receives a free beer no questions asked.
This happens again, guy with the beard and cigar and so gives the Scottish guy an idea.

He hails the bartender and mutters to him, Castros Men.

The bartender looks him up and down and says, You dont look like you have a beard and cigar!.

The Scottish guy lifts his kilt and says, Aye! Secrret Serrvice!.

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