Bill Gates died in an automible accident. When he was taken up to meet Him, He told Bill Bill, you have done alot of things for this world, you changed the way technology works. You were a great man so I am going to let you chose where you want to go Heaven or Hell. Bill said, Can I see them first? So bill went and saw what Hell looked like, It had a beach, palm trees, it was beautiful, sunny, there were rivers, to say the least it was beautiful. Bill was shocked, if this was hell then what did Heaven look like. So he went and checked it out. In heaven there were angels playing harps and it was relaxing. After thinking on it he decided to go to hell, so he got his wish! About a week laterHe went to check up on Bill, when He came, Bill yelled, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BEAUTIFUL BEACHES AND THE PALM TREES AND THE RIVERS. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUN. AFTER YOU DROPPED ME OFF ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL THNGS DISAPPERED AND THESE LITTLE CREAUTRES STARTED TO FEED ON ME! WHAT HAPPENED? Then a deep, loud voice came, WHAT YOU SAW WAS A SCREEN SAVER.

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