Secret Policemans Ball

From London Times via Car and Driver:

Comrade Gorbachev is being driven from his dacha to Moscow and
is in a hurry. He is getting irritated with the slowness of his
driver. Cant you go any faster? he says angrily. I have to
obey the speed limits, says the driver.

Finally Gorbachev
orders the driver into the back and takes the wheel. Sure
enough a patrol car soon pulls them over. The senior officer
orders the junior to go write up the ticket. But the junior
officer comes back and says he cant give them a ticket, the
person in the car is too important.

Well, who is it? the senior officer asks.

I didnt recognize him, says the junior
officer, but Comrade Gorbachev is his chauffeur.

Raj Wall
Texas Instruments

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