Sex Weight Loss Program

Sex is the most practical and funniest (full of fun) ways of losing weight.

Look how many calories you can burn:

Taking Off The Clothes
With her agreement12 cal
Without her agreement187 cal

Taking Off The Bra
With both hands8 cal
With one hand12 cal
With one hand being slapped37 cal
With the mouth85 cal

Putting On The Condom
With erection6 cal
Without erection315 cal

Trying to find the clitoris8 cal
Trying to find G spot92 cal
Without caring at all0 cal

When Doing It
Holding her up12 cal
Just on the floor8 cal

Daddy-mummy12 cal
69 laying8 cal
69 standing up112 cal
Trolley216 cal
Italian chandelier912 cal

Having An Orgasm
Real112 cal
Fake315 cal

Post Orgasm
Staying in bed18 cal
Jumping off the bed36 cal
Explaining why she jumped off the bed816 cal

Getting The Second Erection
Between 16 and 19 years of age12 cal
From 20 to 2936 cal
From 30 to 39108 cal
From 40 to 49324 cal
From 50 to 59972 cal
Over 602916 cal

Putting On The Clothes
Quietly32 cal
Being in a hurry98 cal
With her husband opening the door1218 cal

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