Sheriffs Log (offensive to Hoosiers)

In a small midwestern town, nestled-up in the wee rolling hills of
southern Indiana, theres a microcosm of all that is (and shall ever
be) the Great Mid West. Its known as Brown County. Yup. Thats
my hometown!

And if you want to know whats going on in Brown County, you only
have to read the Sheriffs Log in the local paper, The Brown County
Democrat. Heck, even if you dont want to know whats going on, you
still read it for the comic relief!

This is a small collection of some of the actual phone calls received
by the Sheriffs department in good ol Brown County, Indiana:

Man on Bellsville Road reported someone has knocked down
his mailbox and then came back and ran over it.

11:14pm Man reports suspicious vehicle on Butler Road.

11:34pm Deputy reports vehicle had a couple of lovers
in it. They were advised to pull the car off the road.

Man has found a couch hidden behind a wood pile.

Womans washing machine has overheated. Womans unplugged
it, but it is still smoking.

Man is coming out of a man hole.

Person calls to ask if it is raining.

Man reports the covered bridge in Bean Blossom didnt feel
right when he drove over it. County highway is advised.

Someone reports nude swimmers at Pikes Peak–two cars

Trouble reported at the county dump. Someone abandoned a
person there.

4:02am Caller reports a boat just went through Morgantown
at a high rate of speed, headed west.

Woman phones that she has found a bull.

Man wanted to know if he could burn his house down. Was
advised to talk to the fire department.

Man complains on phone of noise pollution from helicopter.
He said sheriff department should stop the helicopter.

Someone on phone said, Id like to report a fire and then
hung up.

2:20pm Woman on 135 north suspects radiator may have been
stolen from auto.

2:47pm Deputy reports radiator not stolen; woman was confused
because radiator was not behind grill on transverse engine.

Man wants to know if sheriff would like to come watch his
snakes eat.

Woman requests a deputy–her pussycat is sick and will not
come out from under the bed. Deputy enroute.

Cattle are out; Sheriff enroute to help round up the herd.

4:11am Girls at a slumber party request assistance. Two
deputies enroute.

Man advises there may be domestic trouble soon at his home.

6:41pm Woman on Three Notch Road phones that she accidentally
grazed her husband while shooting hogs.

6:51pm Woman phones again to advise disregard earlier phone
call. Says her husband received only a couple of small scratches
on his chest from ricocheting shotgun pellets.

Man phones to say a dog has bitten his child. He shot dog and
is taking its head to State Board of Health.

Monroe County said a woman wanted us to be on the look out for
her husband who is drunk. She said she was worried about the car.

Man reports his son has run away with two girls.

Man reports he will be burning his sisters barn on Valley
Branch Road.

Woman reports her husband may report his car stolen but she has
it and he knows it.

Man complained that a neighbor has got a dog in heat and his dog
left because of it. He was advised to call the Humane Society
because there is not much you can do about Mother Nature.

A grouse flew through a window on Helmsburg Road setting off a
burglar alarm, and cat ate the grouse.

Woman on Artist Drive reported varmits in their flue.

9:13am Eleven cows missing since last night on Green Valley Road.

9:42am Disregard on missing cows. They have come home.

Woman at Fruitdale complains that neighbors dogs wont let her
go to mailbox.

Man advises that his dog, which bit a person has been all right
since then.

Man from Gnaw Bone advises that two unauthorized cows are on his

Woman reports she found a dead dog in her bed. Deputy investigates.

9:01am Cow is tearing up golf course.

4:20pm Man who reported cow tearing up golf course reports a
heard of cattle is now on the golf course.

Woman reported several sleazy males at Long Mountain.

Woman reported a party going on at Helmsburg with a bunch of kids
and that one girl is parading around in her nighty with a beer in
her hand.

Woman reports car heading north from Stonehead. Two scroungy
male subjects are in the vehicle driving very slowly. Also had
a tent-like affair inside of car.

Seedy looking subject reported at the corner of Helmsburg Road
and Jackson Branch Road.

Oak Ridge Road resident complains of car which has been messing
around at night and early mornings.

Man requests deputy to tell his wife he has two buildings on fire
and doesnt know when he will be home.

Prisoner released to the custody of father to register for college.

And no, that last one wasnt me, either 😉

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