Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson were on safari

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson were on safari, trekking through the jungle when Watson noted, scrutinized and classified a here-to-fore unrecorded phenomenon: a large, warm, moist pile of … something. A few yards down the elephant trail, Watson encountered another of these new finds. Then another. Then another.

I say, Holmes, what do you make of these? Watson inquired.

And the sleuth replied, Alimentary, my Dear Watson, alimentary.

When they got back to London, Watson and Holmes made their way back to Baker Street. Standing outside number 221B, Holmes asked Watson if he had noticed if anything had changed while they had been away. Watson stared at the building for a long, long time before exclaiming.

Good Lord, Holmes! Mrs Hudsons had the house repainted.

Exactly, Watson. And what do you deduce from this redecoration?

Another five minutes passed whilst Watson pondered the freshly painted building.

Holmes, why on earth has she painted all of the windows red, but painted the door bright yellow?

Lemon entry, my dear Watson.

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