Shotgun Weddings

(From an article in the Globe & Mail, Jul 26, written by Bryan Johnson, in

First [he] tells of a pilot who spotted tracer bullets as he approached
a runway in Northern Pakistan. So the pilot swung around and approached
the runway from the other end only to find bullets winging by there too.
So he tried to land on a road and cracked up.

From whence came the bullets? Afghan rebels? Terrorists? No,
just one hell of a wedding party. In the Peshawar region, wedding
guests can rent an AK-47 for a day for $2 or the use of a water buffalo.
With tragic results. In one case, jubilant cousins accidentally
blasted away the bridegrooms father. The wedding was postponed for 40
days of mourning, then again celebrated amid ecstatic volleys of flying

In another wedding in the region, shots from a wedding severed
high tension electrical wires, the falling wires electrocuted 8 guests and
set parts of the village on fire. As well there have been sevearl injuries
to people not even attending the weddings who happen into the path of a
stray bullet.

Although authorities have promised to crack down, little success is
expected. In the words of a city councillor, If I do not use my gun when
invited to a wedding, I will be considered a mouse, not a man.

Rambo would be proud.

P.S. along a similar note, although Rambo III has not been pulling in the
North American box office receipts the producers would have liked, they
are reportedly not worried because Rambo movies pull 80% of their gross
from foreign receipts.

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