Should I take my laptop with me on my honeymoon?

From the February issue of MacUser letters to the editor.

I got married a couple of weeks ago and took my PowerBook 165 along (on the honeymoon) to keep up with e-mail. On the last day of the trip, I drove over my PowerBook with my father-in-laws car.

My wife put it by the front tire, and I unknowingly backed up the car over it.

(note: it survived much I am sure to his wifes disappointment.)

The Editors opined the perhaps his wife was trying to tell him something.

I guess it would have been OK if he had brought a DuoDock instead of a PowerBook 165. 😉

(For the PC addicted a DuoDock is a sub portable powerbook which when you want to play games and the like you insert into a slot in a Docking station to obtain a full fledged desk top station with all the bells and whistles. … I know (GROAN)

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