Sic Sqid

Once upon a time deep in the depths of the sea a sad squid was laying on the sea-bed feeling very sorry for himself and poorly.

All of a sudden a large shadow appeared above him and looking up he saw a large shark.

“Hello squiddy” said the shark “You don’t look too good what’s the matter”?

“Oh I have to get my pension today and it’s a long journey and I don’t feel very well today every thing seems to much of an effort”.

“No problem”, said the shark “I will land on the sea bed and you can climb onto my back and we will be able to get you to the post office in no time”.

The shark slowly landed next to the squid on the seabed and the squid climbed onto his back and hung on with his tenticles as the shark went off at a frightening speed for the squid.

After half an hour the shark slowed down and stopped.

All of a sudden everything went black above them and the shark and the squid looked up frightened, above them casting a great black shadow was a huge killer whale.

“Hello sharkey I’ve been looking for you, do you have anything for me” said the killer whale threatenly.

“Oh yes” said the shark, “Have a look on my back. “It’s the six quid I owe you”.

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