Signs Youre On A Bad Date

From Late Show with David Letterman – Friday, November 11, 1994

Top Ten Signs Youre On A Bad Date

10. When you agreed to go out with him he was governor, and now hes just some guy who works in a car wash.

9. Every few minutes, his face falls into his eggs.

8. She asks you to hold her clothes while she mambos with a guy named Pedro.

7. Her Wonderbras on backwards.

6. Just as everythings starting to go great, youre both asked to return to your cells.

5. Its costing you $

3.00 a minute.

4. You order a double Whopper and he says, My name aint Rockefeller, honey.

3. Waiter taking your order asks, And what can I get for your sorry-ass date?

2. Hes drunk, all hands, and keeps bragging about how he whipped Mitt Romney.

1. He wont stop screaming Pataki! (reference to New York Governor-Elect George Pataki)

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