Similarities between Nixon and Clinton




Nixon:His biggest fear – the Cold War

Clinton:His biggest fear – a Cold Sore


Nixon:Worried about carpet bombs

Clinton:Worried about carpet burns


Nixon:His Vice President was a Greek

Clinton:His Vice President is a geek


Nixon:Couldnt stop Kissinger

Clinton:Couldnt stop kissing her


Nixon:Couldnt explain the 18 minute gap in the Watergate tape

Clinton:Couldnt explain the 36-DD bra in his brief case


Nixon:His nickname was Tricky Dick






Nixon:Known for campaign slogan Nixons The One

Clinton:Known for women pointing at him saying, Hes the one!


Nixon:Famous for his widows peak

Clinton:Famous for bringing widows to their peak


Nixon:Well acquainted with G. Gordon Liddy

Clinton:Well acquainted with the G Spot


Nixon:Took on Ho Chi Minh

Clinton:Took on Ho


Nixon:Talked about achieving peace with honor

Clinton:Talked about getting a piece while on her

Best quote from the Bill/Monica scandal is from Dick Armey when asked what he would do in Clintons position: If I were in the Presidents position, I would be looking up from a pool of blood, hearing my wife say How the hell do I reload this thing?

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