Sing your heart out


There was a little girl whose mother was very strict. Her mother tried to make
her daughter behave in a very decent manner, but the girl was still three and
half years old. One day the family went to a party, and in the middle of the
party the girl cried, Mommy I want to go restroom. This drew a lot of
attention and the mother felt embarrassed about her daughter. At home she
advised that whenever she wants to go to restroom she should say, I want to

After a couple of days the girls grandfather came to visit them. She liked
her grandfather very much. At night, she slept with her grandfather, who
put her to sleep with a story. After couple of hours, she woke up and
said, Grandpa I want to sing. The grandpa was afraid of causing a
disturbance past midnight if the girl began singing, so he told her in a very
low voice, Baby if you want to sing, sing in my ears.

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