Sixties Christmas Jokes

I remember the 60s, so – at least according to one expert (Wavey Gravy, social commentator and DJ) on the subject – I wasnt THERE. When the 60s recalled these days, its usually done to point out how angry, vulgar and hateful a time they were. The image is a bit overblown.

At least when it comes to Christmasy things, the 60s werent all bad. Charlie Schulz gave us A Charlie Brown Christmas back then and thats when the Grinch first became famous.

I seem to recall a cycle of whimsically ironic humor from back in the 60s. Now, by whimsically ironic I mean Jokes that would come from the lips of a Jonathan Winters rather than pen of a P. J. ORourke. Anybody remember these? Anybody remember others?

Look, I dont care what star youre following, get them blasted camels off my lawn!

Ho, ho, ho yerself, little fat guy, the hooves of those animals are chewing up my shingles something fierce!

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