Spanish Fly vs Jewish Fly

A stunningly beautiful woman walked into a bar and sat down. She was followed a few minutes later by a man who took a seat at the end of the bar. He immediately noticed the beauty and, since this was his local hangout, figured the bartender would do him a favor. Jack, heres a twenty-dollar bill, whispered the man, leaning over the bar, slip her some Spanish fly.

I dont have any Spanish fly, said the bartender, but a customer gave me some Jewish fly.

Jewish fly! exclaimed the man, what does THAT do?

I dont know, answered the bartender. Why dont we try it and find out?

The next time the woman needed a refill, the bartender put the Jewish fly powder in her drink. She finished the drink, and a few minutes later got up and sidled over to the man. She put her arm around his shoulder, put her other hand on his knee, and began to rub the inside of his leg.

You attract me, she purred. Id like to do something with you tonight.

Honey, Ill do anything you want, gasped the man.

Great! Take me shopping at Bloomingdales!

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