Squaring Up

There was once a Japanese businessman who was engaged in a particular corporate meeting held in a particular business district in the Philipines.

As he stepped out of the aiport, he hailed the local cab, board it and requested his destination to be Manila Hotel. As the cab was attempting to make its way out to the main road, a ramming and screeching sound was heard.

Out passed a Honda Civic CRX Turbo screaming away from the main junction. The Japanese remarked. Mmmm, Honda! Made in Japan, verri powerful. Verri faast!!

Some distance, a white executive sedan whoosh pass along side the cab a high cruising speed. Ahhh, Toyota! Also made in Japan, verri fasto. Also verri good! Very faast

The cab-driver upon hearing the comments, look thru the rear mirror and was quite resented over the Japs proud attitude. At that moment again, another car came ramming fast, overtaking and cutting every car ahead of it.

Mmmm, Mitsubishi! Also Japan, also verri good, very fast. Mmmm!

It was not long after reaching the destinated hotel, the cab halted in front of the lobby door, the cab-driver stared at the meter and proclaimed. That will be US$239.40, sir!

Nan desu-ka! What?, the Jap was astonished. The airport verri near to hotel.

Er, sir, this meter is NEC, made in Japan, very good and very faast.

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