Stolen Camel

A man goes into a police station and the desk sargeant asks him what he

The man says, Someone has stolen my camel, I went into a bar for one drink
and when I came out it was gone!

Now, sir, I think we have had more than one drink. Why dont you just go
home before you end up in a cell for being drunk and incapable, says the

The man pleads his innocence, Listen, I am not drunk and my camel has
definitely been stolen. Please help me.

Okay, says the policeman. Let me have some details. Give me a desciption
of your camel.

Thank you, the man says. Well, it is a greyish brown colour, its got two
humps, it is a male and it…

Hold on, not so fast. How do you know it is a male of the species? the
sargeant enquired.

Well, the man explained, The other day I was riding it down the High
Street and two men were on the pavement and as I passed them one of the
men turned to his friend and said, Look at the prick on that camel!

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