A Yeshiva bocher and a seminary student met and started to compare notes about career paths.

The Yeshiva student asked, So what happens after you graduate? Well answered the seminary student, I become a priest and if I do well I will promoted to be a Bishop Bishop, smishop said the Yeshiva boy what is so great about becoming a Bishop? Well, said the seminary student if I do well as a Bishop I can be nominated to become a Cardinal . The Yeshiva boy was still not satisfied Cardinal, shmardinal, so you get to wear a little purple yarmulke, so what? You do not understand the other one said as a Cardinal I get sent to Rome and could even become the Pope! Pope, shmope the young Jewish student said it is not such a big deal, these days he is just a figure head anyway.

The seminary student lost his patience at that at and shouted back Well, what do you expect me to become ? Jesus Christ?

The yeshiva boy answered back calmly, Well, one of our boys made it

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