Stupid Game Show Contestants

Okay, this is an actual episode of the Newlywed Game.

The question was What is your husbands favorite South American country?

The first wife answered Brazil.

The second wife was a bit puzzled as to what the term South American
meant. She answered New Mexico. The MC explained to her that that
was a U.S. state, not a South American country. still confused as to
what this strange adjective South American meant, she answered Mexico.
The third wife was sure of her answer. She wasnt as confused as wife number
two and showed it. when it came time to give her answer, she answered very
confidently I know what my husbands favorite South American country is:
its Africa! The MC allowed it.

The fourth wife answered Mexico as well. One out of four aint bad.

The only husband to give the same answer as his wife was the fourth,
who answered Mexico.

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